Epoxy glass flake heavy-duty coating LDB – 1338

Epoxy glass flake heavy-duty coating LDB – 1338發布自Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.

出自: Hebei Lidong Co., Ltd.  2010/03/06
關鍵字 Epoxy powder coating

Epoxy glass flake heavy-duty coating LDB - 1338

Summary: The heavy-duty lacquer for the two component epoxy coating, epoxy modified by the special treatment of the glass scales, packing Yan, auxiliaries and the preparation of curing agent, points A, B in packaging, can be used for harsh environments, steel and cement surface equipment, underground facilities and equipment such as wall: the marine facilities, oil tank, sewage treatment equipment, chemical reactor, tank, acid corrosion prevention equipment, and other important sites for long-term anti-corrosion protection.

Characteristics: superior anti-oil, sewage and chemical resistance of low specific vapor permeability film hard, good wear resistance curing shrinkage of small, strong adhesion.

關鍵字 Epoxy powder coating