600DPI Colour & Mono Magic Wand Portable Scanner

600DPI Colour & Mono Magic Wand Portable Scanner發布自Bonpal Technology Co., Ltd

出自: Bonpal Technology Co., Ltd  2011/04/23
關鍵字 USB Microscope

- Color / Monochrome (Mono) scan selection
- 600 / 300 dpi scan selection
- Direct save JPG file to MicroSD card
- Support MicroSD card up to 32GB
- Driver free to download for Windows 7/Vista/XP and Mac OS 10.4 or above (direct plug-in, driver installation not required)

- Image Sensor: A4 Color Photoelectric Sensor
- Scan Resolution: 600dpi / 300dpi
- Storage Format: JPEG
- Scan size: A4 (216mm)
- Scan speed:
13 seconds (color high resolution)
6 seconds (black and white high-resolution)
3 seconds (color low resolution)
2 seconds (black and white low-resolution)
- Storage volume:
High-resolution - 400 pages
Low resolution - 1500 pages
(Based on 2G TF card)
- Storage medium: MicroSD / TF card (up to 32G)
- Transmission mode: USB 2.0
- Power Supply: 2x AA batteries
- Auto power off: 3 minutes without operation automatically
- Product Size: 227x20x20mm (LxWxH)
- Additional function: Timeset
- Weight: 50g

- 1x Portable Scanner
- 2x AA Batteries
- 1x USB Cable
- 1x Pouch
- 1x CD
- 1x Quick Guide
- 1x Cleaning Cloth
- 1x Calibration Card

1. Install batteries;
2. Insert a MicroSD card (not included);
3. Turn on the scanner and set system date & time;
4. Format the MicroSD card;
5. Set the resolution (600/300dpi) with DPI button;
6. Set the scan mode (Color/Mono) with C/BW button;
7. Scan *.
* Please refer to the note on the white balance calibration paper that comes with the scanner!
** The OCR software is not available for Mac OS at present.

Before using Portable Scanner, please ensure that you read and understand the safety precautions described below. Always ensure that the Portable Scanner is operated correctly.
- Never operate Portable Scanner inside of an aircraft or anywhere else where operation of such devices is restricted. Improper use creates the risk of serious accident.
- Do not try to open the case of Portable Scanner or attempt to modify Portable Scanner in any way. High-voltage internal components create the risk of electric shock when exposed. Maintenance and repairs should be performed only by authorized service providers.
- Keep Portable Scanner away from water and other liquids. Do not use Portable Scanner with wet hands. Never use Portable Scanner in the rain or snow. Moisture creates the danger of fire and electric shock.
- Keep Portable Scanner and its accessories out of the reach of children and animals to prevent accidents or damage to the Portable Scanner.
- If you notice smoke or a strange odor coming from Portable Scanner, turn the power off immediately. Take Portable Scanner to the nearest authorized service center for repair. Never attempt to repair Portable Scanner on your own.
- Portable Scanner may become slightly warm during use. This does not indicate malfunction.
- If the exterior of Portable Scanner needs cleaning, wipe it with a soft, dry cloth.

關鍵字 USB Microscope

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