Acupuncture - for pain management, sleeping, period pain and weight loss

出自: Albert Place Practice  2012/08/17
關鍵字 Chinese Medicine, Chinese Medicine Clinic, Weight Management

Acupuncture is scientifically and clinically proven to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, bi-directionally rebalance muscle tone and harmonize hormonal levels. These effects contribute to the therapeutic effects for a wide spectrum of symptoms or diseases, especially low back pain, frozen shoulder, neck pain, muscle spasm, sleep disturbance,anxiety, periodic discomfort before or during menstruation, chronic allergy, fatigue and weight loss. This treatment is also very beneficial for minimizing the side effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is because it does not involve any drug interaction with western therapy, where it can rebalance poor immune system, revitalize the body, reduce mouth ulcers and improve blood profile (e.g. platelet counts).

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