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We are now offering mail forwarding service to assist you.Mail forwarding is a great assistance in the development of privacy in a transparent world.  The very flow of that mail is what affects your privacy from abusive persons, agencies and over-reaching organizations. The path of the mail forwarding service and how it reaches you is the very trail that can be followed. Therefore, the trail of the mail forwarding is the very path that jeopardizes the very privacy you seek. This page teaches you how to help you gain an understanding of how to properly use mail forwarding.

Mail forwarding is the use of a primary or secondary address to receive mail for business or personal use.  You can be anywhere in the world, and receive mail at your mail forwarding address here in Hong Kong.

Why Hong Kong?
Privacy is respected in Hong Kong when conducting business and in banking.  It's difficult for anyone to compel the mail forwarding provider, or virtual office, in Hong Kong to force disclosure of the client.Also Hong Kong is known for its standing in international trade.  This makes it the ideal location for a mail forwarding location, and a virtual office.

How private is mail forwarding?
Mail forwarding is only as private as the following factors:Hong Kong

Reason #1: The jurisdiction of Hong Kong has an inherent respect for privacy and for property rights.  Hong Kong's financial system is pivoted on the respect for privacy.Mail Forwarding

Issue #2:  We scan your mail from Hong Kong and it remains on servers located in Hong Kong.

Price begin at HKD$50 per month!!

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