rubber water hose

出自: beijing proleader co.,ltd  2010/03/25
關鍵字 rubber hose, rubber water hose

 Beijing Proleader Co.,Ltd. is a modernization of large-scale manufacturing enterprises. The company's subsidiaries include Hengshui Yatai Especial Rubber Products Co., Ltd., and Hengshui Baiwei Engineering Rubber Co.,Ltd.. We have 38 million U.S. dollars in fixed assets, and 12 million U.S. dollars in current capital. We are the manufacturer of all kinds of Rubber hoses, such as Rubber waterstop, Hydraulic Hose(SAE hose series, DIN hose series), Rubber hose coupling, Air hose, Water hose, Fire-resistant hose, Hose clip cloth, Auto brake hose, High pressure drilling hose, Marine high-pressure hose, Woven steel wire Hydraulic hose, Bridge support saddle, Retractor device and other rubber products

關鍵字 rubber hose, rubber water hose

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