Z-URC Touch Screen Universal Remote Control

Z-URC Touch Screen Universal Remote Control發布自Remotec Technology Ltd.

出自: Remotec Technology Ltd.  2011/03/23
關鍵字 Z-Wave URC

Z-URCTM  Z-Wave Touch Screen Universal Remote Control

For complete control of your house

  Samsung S3C2440A 32 bit ARM9 core @ 400MHz. 
  Linux 2.6.24 or above  64MB SDRAM, 64MB Nand Flash  
  LCD display 3.5" Diagonal, 320x240, 18 bit color  
  Finger friendly resistance type touch screen  
  No PC require for all setup procedures 
  Mini USB port, slave

  Controls all A/V appliances (TV, DVD, STB, AUX...)  
  Up to 64 A/V devices, with max. 6400 buttons 
  Macro function: 40steps/ macro key  
  Best-in-class IT learning, 15 KHz to 455 KHz  
  IR database upgradeable by USB Interface  
  100% original traceable code library

  Max. 232 devices in a home network  
  Control distance: point to point max 30 meters (unlimited range through mesh networking)
  Z-Wave compliant devices: Power switch, light dimmer, door lock, thermostat sensors,        
  HVAC,curtain motors, garage door opener converter and more to come
   U/UK:  868.4 MHz    
   US/Canada: 908.4MHz    
   AU: 921.4,MHz
  Built-in motion wake up sensor
  Firmware and UI are upgradeable by USB interface
  Each full battery recharge last for 5 days operation (2000mAh battery)
  Li-polymer rechargeable battery 1500-2000mAh, Docking charger
  External Charger DC5V, UL/CSR, GS/CE approved
  Dimension: 115x118x25.8 mm

關鍵字 Z-Wave URC