Z-URC Development Kit( Z-EDK800)

Z-URC Development Kit( Z-EDK800)發布自Remotec Technology Ltd.

出自: Remotec Technology Ltd.  2011/03/23
關鍵字 Z-EDK

Development Kit
The Z-URC Development Kit (Z-EDK) is for developers interested in the Z-URC 800 series. It includes all the hardware and development tools necessary for proper and effective software integration. Updated firmware and databases may be downloaded from the website when available.

Included in the kit are:
-Z-EDK unit
-Li-polymer 3.7V 1500 mAh rechargeable battery
-AC adapter 5Vdc 1000mA
-USB cable
-Serial cable
-Parallel cable
-LAN cable (T568A to T568B)
-Boot-loader adapter

-Samsung S3C2440 based touch screen commander development platform
-Embedded Z-Wave module, sound module, and EZ-IR Engine subsystem (RT300)
-Optional WiFi or SD card

關鍵字 Z-EDK