Z-URC 300 Z-Wave enabled Universal Remote Control

Z-URC 300 Z-Wave enabled Universal Remote Control發布自Remotec Technology Ltd.

出自: Remotec Technology Ltd.  2011/03/23
關鍵字 Z-Wave URC

Z-URC  Z-Wave enabled Univerdal Remote Control

For controlling your AV equipments and home automated devices

 42 buttons
 3xAAA batteries
 Dimension: 218.8 x 45x 15 mm

 Controls 8A/V devices( TV, DVD,STB ,AUX...)
 Best-in-class IT learning, 14 KHz to 455 Khz
 Up to 100 learning commands
 100% traceable original code library

 12 groups + 12 scenes
 Each group and scene control up to 32 devices
 Discrete on/off buttons for every group or scene
 Max. 232 devices in a home network
 Control distance: Point to point appox, 30 meters ( unlimited range through mesh networking)
 Controls Z-Wave compliant switch, dimmer devices, door sensor, curtain and etc...
 EU & UK: 868.4 MHz
 US/Canada: 908.4MHz
 AU: 921.4MHz


關鍵字 Z-Wave URC