Z-ExtenderTM 330 Z-wave-to-IR Extender

Z-ExtenderTM 330   Z-wave-to-IR Extender發布自Remotec Technology Ltd.

出自: Remotec Technology Ltd.  2011/03/23
關鍵字 Z-Extender

 The ZXT-330  is a Z-wave compliant Z-wave to IR extender. It works with any Z-wave controller or gateway, translating Z-wave's Simple AV commands to IR control codes. It has an integrated IR control code library to simplify setup and configuration procedures.

The ZXT-330  also supports Remotec's Universal IR Descriptor (UIRD) format allowing advanced users and custom installers to construct their own IR control code and program into the ZXT-330 .

The ZXT-330  supports the following Z-wave commands:
-Configuration Command Class
-Simple AV Command Class
-Multi-channel Command Class (optional)

關鍵字 Z-Extender