Stylish home interiors

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出自: HI-Design International Publishing  2010/12/24
關鍵字 出版, 室内设计, 建筑设计

 Our company planned to publish hard-cover books named Fascinating Architecture, Stylish home interiors ,Home Décor and so on. so we would like to invite you to join us and share your favorite projects with us.
The information we need for each project are as follows: 1.    hi-res images (at least 12, live-action shooting) 2.    plan, elevation, sectional drawing, hand drawing 3.    basic information of the project (location, area, Materials) 4.    description of the project (about 500 words) 5.    designer’s cv and portrait
  Way of Transmission: 1.Uploading your project to network hard disk:  or, MSN: [email protected] Email: [email protected] 2.Please copy your works into disc and send it to us: ADD:Room 25, Business centre,Building 2, Nanguang City Garden, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, ChinaDirector :Elaine Chou

關鍵字 , 出版, 室内设计, 建筑设计,

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