L-V-D Induction Lamp

出自: Jiangsu Yuanguang Lighting Electric   2010/03/25
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 L-V-D Induction LampExtra long Life, High Lighting Efficacy, High Power Factor, Stable Output Of Luminous Flux, High Stability, Excellent CRI, Low Harmonic Content, Instant Startup at a Low Temperature, Wide Range Of Light Temperature, Instant Restart, No glare and No flick are the most distinguished advantages of the L- V-D Induction Lamps . The benefits of the L-V-D Induction Lamp for our users are as the following: energy saving, low relamping cost, low maintaining fee and etc.yuanguanglight at  yahoo  .  com.  cn The L-V-D Induction Lamp fully accorded with the CCC.CE. and other internal and external standards. All the different series and models of L-V-D Induction Lamp can wholly meet the lighting requirment of the commercial indoor, commercial outdoor, industrial, social pubic infrustructures and other pubilc organizaions. In the condition of the forbidden usage of incandescent lamp, L-V-D Induction Lamp is the best choice of the energy saving light source, which has been the ideal product for the EMC.Jiangsu Yuanguang Lighting Electric Limited Jack Su

關鍵字 Induction, LIGHTING,

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