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What Is A Prototype Mould  

A prototype injection mould is, on most cases, a single cavity injection mould made by soft, sometimes hardened as required by customer, insert steels with existing mould base. It’s low cost and enable customers to get a small batch of actual plastic parts in a short period of time. A prototype mould can produce up to thousands of parts, which are normally used for testing and trial sale purposes.  

Why Make A Prototype Mould  

The main reason why a customer might choose to build a prototype mould before making the production mould is due to the complexity of the concept, something that might require a lot of attention and modifications to details in order to achieve the ideal part design.   The prototype mould is created in such a fashion that allows for any further amendment to the product due to the fact that the prototype mould is only used when the product is still being fine-tuned.

Prototype mould is preferred by customers because of the following main reasons:

1. It’s low cost and can be done in a shorter lead time comparing with multi-cavity mass production mould. A prototype mould can normally be ready in about 15 to 20 days.

2. It’s fast to implement modifications to part design if injected samples are checked to be not OK in terms of part design and functionality.

3. A prototype mould can produce exactly the same parts that are produced by a mass production mould. Same injection system, ejection method, part surface and etc as the parts produced by mass production mould.

4. The knowledge gained on making the prototype mould for a certain complex plastic part can be used on making the mass production mould.  

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