Looking for Sales Rep or Agent for China Injection Molds and Custom Molding Services

Looking for Sales Rep or Agent for China Injection Molds and Custom Molding Services發布自Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Mould Factory

出自: Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Mould Factory  2012/04/23
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Shenghua Plastic Mould is a professional plastic injection mold maker and custom molding services provider. We have 20+ years of solid experiences on making 2 plate molds, 3 plate molds, hot runner molds, thin walled part molds, insertion molds, as well as providing our cusotmers with one stop shop services on product development and production.

We're now looking for sales rep or agent in North America, South America and Europe. Preferably but not essential, the sales rep or agent has technical background on mold making.

Interested individuals or companies please get in contact with us for our cooperating details. Our contact details are as below:

Email: shenghuamould[at]gmail.com
Tel #: 86-769 8187 0779

Fax #: 86-769 8562 6047
Mobile #: 86-135 3738 7830
Contact Person: Joe Zhang

Commissions negotiable.

We're looking forward to working with you and establishing win-win situation to both of us.

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