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出自: Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Mould Factory  2012/04/18
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 # of Injection Machines: 12
Machine Size: 50 Tons to 250 Tons

Dongguan Shenghua Plastic Moulf Factory offers affordable solutions to the needs of our customers on various custom plastic parts. This applies mainly to the customers who do not need the plastic injection moulds, just the plastic parts.

The custom plastic parts can be both stiff and soft plastics, or the combination of both. By insert moulding and over moulding process, we can offer custom plastic parts with following combinations:

Stiff Plastic + Stiff Plastic (eg, ABS + PC)
Stiff Plastic + Soft Plastic (eg, Nylon/PA + TPR)
Stiff Plastic + Metal Part (eg, PP + Metal Screw)

After receiving product design, production quantity and other product requirements and info from customers, we would review with our engineers and come up with solutions that can best satisfy our customers' needs and budget.

Followings are the cases we mostly have:

1)  When the initial production quantity is low and no guarantee for repeat orders, we would suggest to make either prototype mould, out of aluminum or cheaper mould steels, or single cavity mould.   In this case, we're able to keep mould cost to its minimum while being able to supply the parts customers need.

2)  When production quantity is high and thus high volume mass production multi-cavity mould is required, we would offer following 2 options:

2.1) Customer pays the mould cost and we offer our quotation for the production of the parts. Cost breakdown for the production will be supplied so customer understands how our cost is calculated. We're responsible for the maintenance of the mould and make sure the mould runs properly within its expected life cycle. The mould remains the property of customers and can be shipped to the place where customers instruct after production.

2.2) Customers does not pay the mould cost and we offer our quotation for the production of the parts, with the mould cost amortized. The mould would be built according to our standards, while the plastic parts being able to meet customer's requirements and standards, so as to keep the mould cost low. We will be responsible for the maintenance of the mould. The mould will remain the property of our factory.

The custom plastic parts we've made are for various applications and industries, such as toys, cutlery, industrials, hospitals, automotives and etc. Besides plastic parts production, we're offering following services to our customers:

* Making 3D product design according to the samples received or drawings/sketches supplied by customers
* Plastic parts surface treatment, including silk screen printing, pad printing, heat transfer printing and electroplating and etc. 
* Secondary or finished products assembly

We're looking forward to offering our quotations to your company on your needs on plastic parts injection moulding service.

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