Portable U Banner

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出自: Guangzhou Yuyi Display Products Co.,Ltd  2009/12/14
關鍵字 Promotion Display, Bridge Shelf, Korea Shelf,

 Portable U Banner

1. X Shelf Series,U Banner Design
2. Material: Aluminum alloy and iron
3. Size: 160*60,180*80CM
4. Technology: PVC Silk Screen Printing or Digital/Spay printing
5. Features: Durable,Easy for installation,Portable for carrying.Can change picture easily,suit for terminal display and promotion.

Remark: 1.We can do our models and also customerized designs with our sizes and also customize sizes with different materials,if your quantity is large.       
2. Just send us your photos,tell us your products details,we are very glad to give you suggestions about techniques and professional knowledge!

關鍵字 Bridge Shelf, Korea Shelf, Promotion Display, U Banner, X shelf,

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