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出自: Ekko-Pal Industries Limited  2011/06/22
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Ekko-Pal Industries Limited provides professional engineering, sourcing, quality control, product development and other business assistant services mainly for small and medium sized European and American companies in China.  

We have all the required resources and capabilities to present our customers for their business operations in China. Here are whys:  

Supply Chain Management  

Ekko-Pal takes pride in having a team of very experienced and dedicated staff who have been doing an excellent job on communicating closely with our customers and factories, making sure things are moving ahead as expected throughout the entire supply chain management process.   Over the past years, we've established strategic relationship with many reliable factories and suppliers, which is extremely important to the success of our supply chain management. Thanks to the trust we've gained from the factories we're working with, we could get better price and delivery time. To ensure product quality all the time, our Q.C. staff would be deployed at the factory when production run starts despite the fact that factorys' in house quality control system is in place.   Every time customer comes back to us with repeat order and new projects, we feel proud because we know we've added value to their business.  

Professional Logistics Solutions  

Ekko-Pal partners up with a professional Dongguan based international logistics company, which enables us to serve our customers better. From inland trucking service, China customs declaration, through goods shipment via air or ocean, we're working closely with our logistics partner to assure your goods are to be delivered to your designated place on time.  

Low Operation Overheads  

We moved our base from Shenzhen to Dongguan in the Jan. of 2011 because it reduces our office operation overheads drastically. What's more important, we're now closer to the factories and able to show up at factories in a matter of hours if there're any urgent issues that need to be taken care of.  

We're ready here 24/7 to take your stress out of outsourcing to China. Please visit our web site for details on what're capable of doing and how we could work together.

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