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出自: Ekko-Pal Industries Limited  2011/06/06
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Our factory has more than 15 years solid experience on building custom plastic injection moulds, majority of which are for export to the countries like Israel, United Kingdom, Japan, United Stated and other countries and regions around the globe. The moulds we build cover a variety of applications and industries, like electrical, home appliance, cutlery, hospitals, automotives, and others.

Ekko-Pal partnered up with our plastic injection mould factory 6 years ago and has been acting as its representative for overseas business since then. With the joint efforts and close collaboration with our factory, we ship, on average, about 120 sets of moulds each year to our foreign customers.

Type of Moulds We Build

In the past 6 years, the mass production moulds we have built and shipped include:  

Cold Runner Moulds  
Hot Runner Moulds  
3 Plate Moulds  
Reverse Moulds     
Stack Moulds     
2 Shots Moulds

All the moulds we build for export are according to DME or HASCO standards.

Hot Runner Systems We Use

We mainly use YUDO hot runner systems but we can also use MOLDMASTER, MASTIP or HUSKY according to our customer's requirement.

Mould Steels We Use

The mould steels we mostly use include P20, 718H, 738H, NAK80, 2344, 2316, H13 and S136. These steels can be both imported or made in China, depending on customer's requirements and budget.

Softwares We Use

Our mould engineers and designers are using AutoCAD (2D Modeling), Pro/E (3D Modeling), Solidworks (3D Modeling), MasterCAM (CNC Programming), Moldflow (Mould Flow Analysis). We accept product files with IGS, DXF, DWG, STP, X_T, PRT extensions.

Main QC Procedures We Follow  

Mould Design Control  
Mould Steel Hardness Control  
Copper Electrodes Check  
Cavity and Core Insert Steel Dimensions Check  
Mould Pre-Assembly Check  
Mould Test Report and Parts Check  
Mould Pre-Shipment Final Check  
Export Mould Package Check

At Ekko-Pal, our project managers, on average, have more than 6 years solid experience on working with our foreign customers and our factory mould engineers and designers to deliver the moulds our customers looking to buy. Most of our foreign customers are technical mould engineers themselves who are very experienced on making moulds.

Followings are the Main Reasons Why We're Capable of Building Quality Moulds for You:

1) All-out support from our factory which is professional in making custom plastic injection moulds to overseas customers.
2) Well trained project managers who speak “your language” and have technical background in plastic injection mould.
3) More than 6 years working experiences on building moulds for foreign customers from different countries and regions around the world, with different technical requirements on moulds.
4) We understand precisely what you want and expect, in terms of mould quality and budget.

If you have a new mould that need to be built, or intend to build another mould for one of your existing products, please send us an email to: [email protected] with your requirements and specifications for the mould. If the product file is large, please send it to us via CUTESENDIT.

If you would like to see the automatic running videos of the moulds that we built before for reference, please specify the mould of a specific product you would like to see by email so that we can go over our data files and get back to you with a video for the similar product mould we built for our other customer.

關鍵字 Plastic Injection mould

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