Complete Supply Chain Management (SCM) Service in China

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出自: Ekko-Pal Industries Limited  2011/06/06
關鍵字 Supply Chain Management

Ekko-Pal, a team of well organized and dedicated staff experienced on export business, has achieved great success on managing many production projects that call for supply chain management (SCM in short), starting from product development through finished goods shipment, for our overseas customers.

We have the experience, mentality and resources to work as your eyes, ears and hands for your business operation in China. Followings are the reasons on why we're capable of becoming your reliable SCM team in China:

We Understand Accurately What Customers Want and Need

We take this as the most critical point in the entire SCM process. If the start is wrong, the end can hardly be right. We always pay special attention to the spec. sheets, designs/drawings and other product info and requirements customers supply at the beginning stage of the project. We speak, read and write English and Chinese proficiently. We would always digest and confirm our understanding on what customers want and need before passing the relevant info to factories for work. We know that it takes continuous following up and frequent factory visit to assure that customers, we and factories are on the same page all the time.

We're Based in Dongguan Where Hundreds and Thousands of Factories are Located

We've established our presence in Dongguan since 2006, which is a tremendous advantage to our SCM because we can show up at factories in hours if there is an emergency to handle. Dongguan and its neighboring cities form up the largest manufacturing base of a huge variety of products in China. After receiving product spec. sheet from customers, we can come up with factory price in a matter of hours or days depending on the complexity of the project. When a product needs components produced in other regions and areas outside of Dong guan area, we can also source and buy for our customers. Once production is underway, we would deploy our Q.C. staff at factories to make sure product quality standards set forth by our customers are met.

We Have Hands on Experience on a Wide Range of Materials/Products

Besides our expertise on making various plastic components, both rigid and soft plastics, and plastic injection moulds, we've possessed extensive experience on following materials: 

Metals                         (E.G. Casting, CNC Machining & Lathing Parts)
Melamine                     (E.G. Flower Pots, Table wares, Toys and etc.)
NBR+EVA Foam          (E.G. Cart Handles, Toys and etc.)
Ceramic & Porcelain     (E.G. Dinner Wares, Promotional Items)
Poly Resin                   (E.G. Decorative Items, Promotional Items)

When customers come to us with a project that needs products made by the materials and production techniques unfamiliar to us, we would do thorough researching and investigation before visiting some potential factories. After visiting some factories and making factory comparison in terms of their product price, quality, factory production capacity and other aspects, we would evaluate and choose to work with the most qualified and cooperative one, not necessarily the one that offers the cheapest price all the time.

We also Have Rich Experience on the Following Packaging Materials and Surface Treatment Processes: 

Printed Cardboard Color Box (E.G. Full Color Box, Window Color Box)
Printed Clear Vinyl Box
Blister/Clam Shell Packing
Shrink Film/Bag
Silk-Screen Print
Pad Print
Heat Transfer Print
Water Transfer Print
Paint Spraying
Various Plating/Coating (E.G. Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating and etc.)

We've established very good relationship with factories specialized in making different products and parts in the past years. We cherish the relationship we've established with our factories and suppliers because we understand that reliable and cooperative factories and suppliers are extremely important to the success of our SCM.

We're Here Offering You with Worry-Free Business Operations in China

We speak your language, as well as factories.

We firmly believe, as our past experience tells us, that there is always a solution to every problem. Taking this in mind whenever we encounter a problem with factories, we would always be able to approach them with calm and composure, which are important on solving problems in a professional and efficient manner. We take our relationship with our customers as rivers and their branches, as a Chinese saying vividly depicts it that when the big river is running out of water, its branches can hardly have any either. When our customers are not earning profit from their business in China, we can’t either

What We're Capable of Doing Includes, but not Limited to, the Followings: 
Source and verify reliable factories and suppliers; 
Get heavily involved in sample approval process; 
Compare and negotiate price; 
Handle product lab testing; 
Undertake in-line and pre-shipment product inspection; 
Arrange shipment and handle export paperwork; 
Solve problems arising from the above links.

關鍵字 Supply Chain Management

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