infusion pump

出自: 广州舒瑞医疗科技有限公司  2012/10/12
關鍵字 drop sensor, infusion pump,

 The new type infusion pump with drip sensor. With the help of Drip Sensor, The system of pump is a full closed loop control system, which make it a set of safe, reliable and easy to use medical devices, disposables and a choice of flexible services to meet all of your clinical needs in both outpatient and acute care environments.
Detailed Description of Infusion Pump SR-i8000: 
1.Large LCD screen, all data synchronized displayed,   easy to operate
2. Detect the motor running direction real-time,  anti-reverse rotation, more safety.
3.Integrated ultra-sound bubble detector, accurate  and reliable.
4.High quality mini-pressure block detector,  accurate and reliable.
5.Auto-controlled multiple KVO function,  prevent IV block effectively.
6.Infusion rate can be displayed by "mL/h"  or "drop/min", flexible.
7.Solid appearance design, easy to clean and sterilize.

關鍵字 drop sensor, infusion pump,







液滴感应器(点滴感应器, Drop Sensor)

液滴感应器,又称点滴感应器(Drop Sensor),与输液泵配套使用,为输液泵提供了另一种输液模式,配合使用可以提高输液的安全性。


infusion pump

    Detailed Product Description Infusion pump, medical instrument, Personal care device.