Zigor 3 phase solar inverter

Zigor 3 phase solar inverter發布自Zigor HK Ltd.

出自: Zigor HK Ltd.  2011/03/28
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The SUNZET range, from 20 to 100 KW, combines design and
versatility with ease of operation and modularity. An outstanding
feature of SUN ZET inverters is their 96% efficiency with transformer
(T model) and 98% (TL model) without one.

SUNZET inverters provide high reliability and guaranteed
operation. Another outstanding function is the high-energy
efficiency of its MPPT, which is over 99%.

Another important feature is its automatic regulation of
reactive power and communications tools between it and the
centralised supervision and control system. All its parameters
are configurable both locally and remotely.

SUNZET inverters operate with an output voltage 3x400 V and
comply with R.D. 1578/2008, obligation to support voltage sag
not generating danger overvoltages in the disconnection
from the electric line.


The SUNZET range of solar 3 phase inverters is designed
to cover the needs of all mains-connected solar generation
• Range of input voltage (300-700 VDC)
• Maximum power point tracking (MPPT)
• High energy efficiency MPPT > 99%
• Very low harmonic distortion, THD < 3%
• Selectable power factor
• Direct mains connection
• Possibility of unlimited parallel connection
• Anti-islanding protection with automatic shut down
• Monitoring from front of the unit
• Galvanic isolation through the transformer (T model)
• Current strings monitoring (with option “string monitor“)
• IP21 protection level
• Protection against: inverse polarisation, short-circuits, overvoltages,
insulation failure with output to relay
• Service life of more than 20 years
• Automatic reactive energy regulation
• PC-based Appletserver programme for displaying parameters,
data records, etc.

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