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關鍵字 company registration, forming company

Company Incorporation. vOffice – Dependable, Trusted – Company Incorporation Service in Hong Kong for foreigners and locals. TRANSPARENT & PROVEN PROCESS KNOWLEDGEABLE EXPERT TO GUIDE YOU HONEST & ATTENTIVE. PROCESS & ESTIMATED TIMELINE STEP 1 [ONE] Applicant choose two proposed company name, and vOffice conduct Name Search in Company Registry [12 hours] STEP 2 [TWO] After step one, you will need a local address and a local phone number to proceed registration. Please take vOffice Platinum Package to fulfill these requirements. vOffice provides a 50% off discount for the first year to client who register a new company in Hong Kong through vOffice. Application forms will be prepared by vOffice and signed by applicant [3-5 working days] STEP 3 [THREE] vOffice submit Notification of First Director, Secretary and Registered Office to Government and apply for Certificate of Incorporation (CI) & the Business Registration Certificate (BR) [6-7 working days] STEP 4 [FOUR] Once Companies Registry approves and issues your company a Certificate of Incorporation we will collect certificate of incorporation and all other licenses including CI and BR [1-2 working days] STEP 5 [FIVE] Apply for business bank accounts from Hong Kong HSBC and Prepare Bank Minutes and Certified True Copies for account opening (Bank is the final decision of approval) [10-15 working days] STEP 6 [SIX] Prepare Company Kit Set (Green Box) which consists of:  10 copies of Articles of Association  Share Certificate  Statutory Record Book  Common Seal  Regular Signature Stamp and Circular Stamp Once all permits are released and obtained, your company is fully legal and in compliance to do business in Hong Kong. Congratulations!

關鍵字 company registration, forming company

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