Digital Forensics Investigation - 數碼鑒證調查

Digital Forensics Investigation - 數碼鑒證調查發布自Verity Consulting Limited

出自: Verity Consulting Limited  2012/06/06
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Digital & Computer Forensics Investigation - With our analytical techniques and experience in e-discovery, Verity offers solid support in digital forensic litigation and incident investigation. Our service includes: evidence acquisition, preservation and handling, computer data analysis, and evidence recovery. 數碼鑒證調查 - 憑藉我們於電子化搜尋中的各種分析技術及經驗,宏德為數碼鑒證訴訟及事故調查提供堅實支援。我們的服務包括證據蒐集、保存及處理 、電腦資料分析及證據復原。 Learn more: 了解更多:

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