ORP reducing ceramic ball

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出自: Rainbow Chemical Industry Limited  2009/12/08
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 stands for Oxidation-Reduction Potential or Redox. In very practical terms and as applied to water chemistry its a measurement (expressed in millivolts (mV)) that represents that waters ability to oxidize (sanitize) or reduce (not sanitize) contaminants. It can also be stated as measuring the tendency for a solution - water in this instance - to gain or lose electrons when it is subject to change by introduction of a new species. A solution with a higher ORP will have a tendency to gain electrons by stripping them from the new species (oxidize it or them) or lose electrons to the new species (reduce it or them). ORP reducing ceramic ball produced by BoNa-Tech is made of rare natural ore and the most advanced materials in current drinking water industry's, through technology and the low-temperature sintering from about 800 degrees.Test proved that negative potential ball will breakdown water molecules soon, release - OH ion, which made water negative potential dropped from + 200 mv to 0 mv ~ - 500mv, adjusted PH value to about 7.5, and many air bubbles produced oxygen-rich water when this ball soaked in the water.

關鍵字 ceramic ball

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