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出自: NOVA BUSINESS CENTRE  2010/05/29
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Audio Conferencing (AC) allows you to connect individuals or groups all over the world simultaneously by telephone, for the purpose of global conferences or business communications. Whether you are at your desk, at your client's meeting, or in an overseas hotel, NOVA Audio Conferencing provides you with an environment in which you can participate in a secure and low-cost group telephone conference, utilizing the latest technology and convenient toll free access.

Simply follow our user-friendly dialing instructions, and you can enjoy an array of benefits that our AC brings to you in today's global business world, regardless of when and where you are.

Why Choose NOVA for Audio Conferencing

  • Compatibility - Unlimtied parties from different countries can join together instantly
  • Simplicity - No need for special equipment, all you require is a telephone
  • Reliability - With our advanced technology, the voice clarity and service quality are ensured
  • Convenience - 24 hours, 7 days services are available, requiring no registration fees nor complicated set up process. You can quickly have your business conference anywhere in the world, by just picking up the phone
  • Low Cost Medium - Save travel time and costs by not travelling to overseas meeting, all you have to pay is dial charge
  • Flexibility - To suit your specific requirements, we will tailor the service such as recording the conference for later replay

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