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出自: Chorev Consulting International  2012/03/19
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A holistic leadership development program combining training, small group coaching, one-on-one coaching and web follow-up. The program caters for all level of managers who need to transform themselves from task managers to people leaders.


Chorev is one of the few companies in Asia that uses the latest Leadership 3.0 approach – focusing on the values of leaders, and how leaders transform followers’ mindset and competence. Most training programs In the market focus solely on skills and competence development (Leadership 1.0) while others stress a flexible leadership approach in different circumstances and with different staff members (Leadership 2.0).


Those programs could be effective in the short run, but lack the lasting impact on organization culture.

Leadership 3.0 is especially important in an era of rapidly changing external environment with intense public scrutiny on every corporate and leader actions and characters.  Only leaders with strong value conviction, with the ability to adapt quickly, can excel in the business world.


Chorev’s Leadership 3.0 Series is based on the foundation of self-awareness and value transformation. Participants will get to understand their leadership styles including their preferred modes of communication and team management approaches. Latest theories and tools on effective leadership will be introduced so that participants can apply in their daily office settings. Participants’ key leadership qualities such as collaboration, communication and influencing skills will also be enhanced through this program.

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