ib tutor

出自: cana elite  2011/10/13

The IB tutor program prides itself on shaping students with greater global awareness and strong critical thinking skills The core syllabus of standard level covers a great breadth of the subject while the higher level and options add depth to the subject A look at the IB learner profile will shed light on what this program focuses on: curious, knowledgeable, principled, open-minded, caring, risk taking, balanced, reflective and inquisitive Students can gain credits in first year courses with a six or seven in their higher level IB tutor subjects at many universities An increasing number of international schools in Hong Kong have become IB tutor World schools The curriculum of IB tutor is structured in way that encourages students to take initiatives in their learning At CANA, our tutors are experienced in helping IB tutor students through the transition to excel in the program Even though more schools are offering the continuum of the IB tutor program from PYP to DP, most of the students doing IBDP in Hong Kong currently have to transition from another curriculum, such as (I)GCSE or HKNSS Many of them experience challenges with the steep learning curve during the transition The IB Diploma Program ( IB tutor ) consists of six groups of subjects together with the study of Theory of Knowledge (TOK), the research and writing of an Extended Essay (EE) and the completion of the Creativity, Action, Services (CAS) program