automobile part

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出自: Five-Star Tooling Limited  2010/11/08
關鍵字 mold, Die Sets, Industrial Molds


We are specializing in building:

  • Precision injection molds ( Min mould  tolerance: +/-0.01mm,Min product product: +/-0.02mm)
  • Complex structure & large size injection moulds  (Max weight: 8 Ton,Max Size:1000mm*1500mm)
  • Precision metal moulds,die casting moulds
  • Multi-cavitation molds, unscrewing molds, double color injection molds, health care products molds, DME MUD inserts and molds with RJG applications.
  • With the outside sources, we also provides value added secondary operation for plastic part and die casting part, such as CNC machining, CNC lathe turning,drilling & Tapping,painting, powder coating, silk & pad printing,ultrasonic welding, laser engraving, plating, impregnation, assembly as well as shipiment

關鍵字 Die Sets, Industrial Molds, mold

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