polyester forming belt

出自: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co.,Ltd  2010/11/03
關鍵字 polyester fabric, paper machine clothing, forming screen

 Company name: Fly Dragon Wire Mesh Co,Ltd.www.papermachineclothings.com & www.wiremeshdragon.cne-mail:   flydragon0004@hotmail.com Polyester forming fabrics:  According to the weaving, polyester forming fabric can be divided into 4-shed, 5-shed, 7-shed, 8-shed, 16-shed, 24-shed etc. According to the category, it can be divided into single layer fabric, double layer fabric, two-and a half layer fabric and three-layer fabric 4-shed single layer Polyester forming fabric is standard type of polyester forming fabric in paper making, mainly used for producing cultural paper printing paper, packing paper and so on. 5-shed single layer Polyester forming fabric is suitable for making healthy, culture and packing papers etc. 8-shed single layer Polyester forming fabric is the most wear-resisting one in the single layer screen, which have long performance life, but mesh print is relatively deep. It is mainly used for copying the papermaking bag, craft paper, cardboard, corrugated paper and so on.

關鍵字 forming screen, paper machine clothing, paper making fabric, polyester fabric,