Ecological and Arboriculture Management

出自: Oikos consulting limited  2011/10/10
關鍵字 Consulting Company, Tree Survey, 樹木風險評估


We are a consultancy firm specialized in Ecology and Tree management, and have been provided our professional services for more than 11 years. 

Our founder Dr Keith Wong is a Plant Ecologist, Certified Arborist and a Certified Tree Risk Assessor; and he is one of the pioneers in conducting Ecological and Arboriculture assessment in Hong Kong (since 1993 and 1997 respectively); and has been participated in most of the large scale infra-structure projects in HK during his professional career.

Our key services:

Ecological Study - Ecological Survey, Ecological Assessment, Ecological Monitoring and Audit

Ecological Engineering - Engineered Wetland, Habitat Restoration, Habitat Enhancement, Compensatory Habitat Design

Arboriculture - Tree Preservation and Protection, Tree Survey/Assessment, Tree Risk Assessment, Tree Felling Application and Compensatory Planting Proposal. 






生態研究 - 生態調查,生態評估,生態監測和審計

生態工程 - 人工濕地,棲息地復修,棲息地增值,棲息地補償方案

樹木 - 樹木管理,樹木調/評估,樹木風險評估,砍伐樹木申請和補償種植方案

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