Manganese Core

出自: East Light Group  2015/06/26
關鍵字 Manganese Core

In its natural state, manganese has been described as a pearl gray metal, perhaps a little lighter in hue than iron. While it is a hard metal, it is also very brittle. What makes it such a good fit in construction use is the fact that this element possesses excellent oxidizing qualities. The result is that, when included in the process of iron production as well as steel production, it creates alloys that are infinitely stronger than the compounds would be without this metal in the mix. In fact, the single largest use of manganese today is in the creation or iron and steel alloys for building purposes. Still, there are plenty of other products that utilize manganese as part of the components. Items made of stainless steel, such as kitchen sinks, cooking utensils, and a number of types of cookware, all are made from steel alloys that include this element. The same is true in the creation of aluminum alloys. Aluminum storage buildings, cookware and even some brands of aluminum foil are made possible by its introduction and its deoxidization properties into the creation of the basic alloy.

關鍵字 Manganese Core

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