GSM house alarm system G10

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出自: Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co., Ltd  2010/04/28
關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, GSM burglar alarm system, GSM intruder alarm system,

   GSM Alarm System with Password Protection and 315/433MHz Wireless Frequency Supports English/Spanish/Chinese/Russian/Thai voice reminder and SMS 2 wired zones/8 wireless zones 
GSM 900/1800MHz, 850/1900MHz for your option Wireless frequency: 315/433MHz It can work with wired/wireless PIR, door/window sensor, smoke/gas detector, and glass break sensor Each wireless zone can match many wireless sensors You can pre-record your voice in the system and it will call you or the police and play the voice when it is alarming It will automatic dial 3 phones to inform the users You can listen what is happening inside your house whenever and wherever You can program and control the system by keyboard, remotes, SMS or phone Even you are outside your house, you can remotely control the system wherever You can change the zone name and content by SMS You can inquiry the status by sending SMS to the system It has the voice reminder when operating the system It has password protection and you need to input passwords when control it You can use any phone to call the system and anyone inside your house -can talk to you by using a intercom provide by us Wireless emergency function (24 hours zone): you can press the button to alarm immediately to get help if in emergencies With backup rechargeable battery, it can work when the power is failure or cut by intruder It gives you 24 hours protection It can send alarm signals to monitoring center through GSM network to the police station or management center

關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, GSM burglar alarm system, GSM intruder alarm system, GSM wireless alarm system,

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