GSM car alarm system G118N

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出自: Shenzhen Sinda Technology Co., Ltd  2010/04/28
關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, GSM burglar alarm system, GSM intruder alarm system,

 Car Alarm System with Remote Control Function and Trigger Alarming Protects all types of cars, trucks, and jeeps as well as other automobiles Arm or disarm function Remote control function Can monitor his car easily anytime and anywhere  Including two-stage shock alarm modes, so the user can adjust it according to the situation Automatic dialing 3 telephone numbers, so the user need not worry about his cell phone powering off because the system can dial the others Trigger alarming (when the door is opened, the engine will be triggered), can treat it immediately Can return to the original mode automatically before power is off, can operate them easily Can speak to the car with telephone, can order the car to stop at once if it is stolen by intruder or burglar Fence Detectors (PH-R)  Fence Detector with Double-beam Detection to Prevent from the Error Alarm by Pets Main functions:<ul> Adopts CPU intelligent control technology High sensitivity, self-regulation Crust material with aluminum metal of high quality, perfect function in anti-cutting, short-circuit and tamper Double-beam detection to prevent from the error alarm by pets Wired, wireless, wired and wireless are compatible Crust material with silvery white and streamline design</ul

關鍵字 GSM Alarm system, GSM burglar alarm system, GSM intruder alarm system,

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