PHI pre-insulated Aluminium duct

PHI pre-insulated Aluminium duct發布自City Resourece Holding Co., Ltd

出自: City Resourece Holding Co., Ltd  2011/07/04
關鍵字 air duct, HVAC duct, air condition ducting system

 General standard:

Size:  2000/4000*1200(L*W)                             Compressive Strength:450kpa
Thickness:20mm(also provide 25mm and 30mm)  Water Absorption:2.90%
Alum.Foil Thickness:0.08mm(both sides)              
Dimensional Stability:0.53%(70℃+/-2℃) Density:71kg/m3                                                  Oxygen Index:  57.80%
Fire Retardant:   A                                               Smoke Density:  2
Thermal Conductivity:  0.018W/m.k                     Smoke Toxicity:  25(Average Temperature 25℃+/-2℃)   

Advantage :
Lower heat conductivity, higher thermal efficiency;
High Fire-Protection ratingLow density, light weight;
Easy InstallationFoamed with CFC free materials, environment protective;
Hermetic seal ensures little air leakage;With aluminum foil reinforced on both side, its corrosion protective, hygiene, and has a beautiful appearance;
Foamed with closed-cell structure, it's water-proof and sound-insulated.
No protrudent flange on the connections, it can save a lot of building space.

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