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出自: The Eight Hearts Diamond Company  2010/01/15
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Love Hearts Diamond

Product Positioning

Selling the Rolls Royce at the price of BMW.  Giving the best quality product to our customer at the fraction of the normal trade margin.  Selling the quality and popular product instead of image driven product.

Product feature

100% ideal Cut based on the internationally recognized Ideal Cut Formula, widely adopted by major branded diamond such as Tiffany or Lazare Kaplan.  On top of the Ideal Cut feature, Love Hearts also uses only the perfect symmetry diamond in order product the Hearts and Arrows effect.  All Love Hearts Diamond comes with an International recognized diamond grading report with Triple Excellent grades. 


Product Guarantee

Individual loose diamond grading report will be accompanied by each .30ct and up diamond sold.  Smaller size diamond mounted in the jewelry will be issued with our own jewelry certificate stating the 4 C?s of the diamond used for the piece.   

Product Services

Trade in services available for stones purchased.  Mountings available for stone purchased.  Life time cleaning and repair services for free on loyalty members with the shopping reward scheme.

Price Advantage

Feel the price difference.  Challenge us with any of the major retailers in on diamonds with same 4Cs, we will beat the price by at least 5% with no question ask.

Love Hearts Diamond, the total package

Each Love Hearts Diamond comes with AGSL report with laser inscription, couple with Ideal Cut features and Aset image of the stone.  It is not just any other Ideal Cut Hearts and Arrows diamond.  Come talk to us for detail information.

Excepted for specially ordered items, promotional items or non-refundable items

Customer need to provide certain description of the item contested for the price challenge.  EHD reserve the right to explain and present information on the stone in question. 

Want to know more about the Aset image of a diamond, go to the diamond report page on AGS Lab.

關鍵字 Jewellery, 珠寶

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