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出自: Massage For HK  2011/08/09
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Massage for HK ( is a co-operative of professional massage therapists in Hong Kong that offers a completely mobile (outcall, housecall) service at reasonable rates. All of us are professionally trained and certified by recognized institutes and training organizations in Taiwan, Hong Kong or Singapore. We pride ourselves on being a professional practitioner in Hong Kong.

Our aim is to deliver, at your convenient location, premium relaxation experience, therapeutic results and overall sense of well being through professional skills at reasonable price. As a therapists’ co-operative, we do away with all the gimmicky marketing maneuvers and unnecessary but costly packaging, and by focusing on mobile services (outcall, housecall), we are able to eliminate the most expensive cost factor in Hong Kong: the rent of a business premises. Almost the whole part of the price you pay will go to the attending therapist, her/his travelling expenses and premium grade massage supplies.

關鍵字 Hong Kong Massage, tantric, tantric massage