Inspection Category

Inspection Category發布自QCINASIA

出自: QCINASIA  2009/11/17
關鍵字 quality control, inspection, Toys Inspection

 -- Pre-Production Check (PPC) Reduce the risk that production is jeopardized by non-qualified material and components supply.
 -- Initial Production Check (IPC) (About 10% finished product in correct material / accessories / labels / packing, etc. should be ready for checking. Full size / colour sets, minimum 3 units per size / colour / style should be ready for inspection.)Permit timely corrections of any non-conformities detected, and improvements action to be made prior to the commencement of mass production.
 -- During Production Check (DPC) (at least 20%- 80% goods finished and over 20% packed into export carton, when QCINASIA perform inspection.)Allows evaluation of the average product quality during manufacturing and detect problems at an early stage to avoid last minute delay.
 -- Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) (100% production finished, and at least 80% packed into cartons, with balance under packing stage should be ready for inspection.)Cover product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling and packing. Permits the assessment of Quality of the Goods which are ready packed to be shipped. Inspection certificates are issued if stipulated in the letter of credit.

關鍵字 During Production Check(DPC), Factory audit, hardline inspection, household products inspection, Initial Production Check(IPC), inspection, mold inspection, Pre-Production Check(PPC), Pre-shipment Inspection(PSI), quality control, social audit, textile inspection, Toys Inspection,