Tamper Evident Labels

Tamper Evident Labels發布自TamperSeals Packing (HK) Co., Limited

出自: TamperSeals Packing (HK) Co., Limited  2009/08/28
關鍵字 security labels, tamper proof labels, tamper evident labels

   With leaving a most of permanent adhesive on articles’ surface, this type of tamper evident stickers provide clear visual evidences of tampering if removal of the tamper resistant labels is attempted.

  We manufacture and supply a wide range of tamper evident labels and Warranty VOID Stickers on rolls or sheets in a variety of sizes, colors, tamper evident patterns. This can help you to dramatically reduce the possibility of theft or un-authorized opening of your sensitive goods.

關鍵字 security labels, tamper evident labels, tamper proof labels, VOID Labels, warrent stickers,

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