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出自: 法比奧有限公司 (Fabrizio Ltd)  2012/09/12
關鍵字 interior design, 家居設計, 廚櫃

The Kitchen - the focal hub of any home, a place to enjoy the leisure of cooking, gather with families, socialize with friends and eat delicious food. Cooking at home is not only very rewarding at a personal level but also great value for money and a very healthy way to feed the family and show how much you care and love them. For comfortable , The living environment is a basic need of everyone, while first-rate convenient kitchen appliances facilitate the daily life of all the family. Our Aim-"Listening from the Heart."

關鍵字 cabinet, interior design, Kitchen Cabinet, kitchen design, 家居設計, 廚櫃, 廚櫃設計

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