LED Street Light Shell from Shenzhen General Hardware& plastic Products Co., Ltd

出自: Shenzhen General Hardware& plastic Products Co., Ltd  2012/07/24
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   2)     Shenzhen General Hardware& plastic Products Co., Ltd Street Light Shell. Including:Heat sink,Cover,Silicon Packing, Glass.PG9 waterproof connector,SUS Screw .Temperature Rise: 15 to 18 centigrade degree Protection Level: IP65 Toughened glass used.External Size 60W: 379 x 156 x 126mm 120W: 379 x 312 x 126mm 180W: 783 x 468 x 126mm  External Size 60W: 575 x 239 x 60mm   80W: 573 x 243 x 69mm 150W: 783 x 348 x 69mm We offer full set except led core and power supplier Sample is available in Shenzhen General Hardware& plastic Products Co., Ltd . we supplier various LED light fixture as the following: Aluminum Die Cast Aluminum Heat Sinks;street light ;street light housing;street light shell;street light accessories;LED street light accessories;LED street light Housing;LED street light Shell;LED street light heat sink;LED street light fixture;LED Bulbs heat sink;LED Bulb fixture;LED Bulb housing;Aluminum Extrusion Profile;Aluminum Profile;Large aluminium extrusion profile;Large aluminium heat sink;LED bulb heat sink;LED bulb housing;LED ceiling light housing;LED down light housing;LED down light fixture;LED ceiling light fixture;LED Bulbs Shell;LED Downlight Shell;LED Floodlight Shell;LED Spot light Shell;LED Wall light Shell;LED Ceiling light Shell;LED Bulbs Housing;LED Downlight Housing;LED Floodlight Housing;LED Spot light Housing;LED Wall light Housing;LED Ceiling light Housing;LED Bulbs Fixture;LED Downlight Fixture;LED Floodlight Fixture ;LED Spot light Fixture ;LED Wall light Fixture;LED Ceiling light Fixture Sample is available in Shenzhen General Hardware& plastic Products Co.,  http://www.generalhardwaresz.com http://www.generalhardwaresz.de info@generalhardwaresz.com   ghpcompany@yahoo.com liu@generalhardwaresz.com info@generalhardwaresz.com

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