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出自: Huatao Wire Belt Factory  2015/06/11
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Airslide belt(pneumatic converyor belt) has fine breathability, it is used for pneumatic conveyors of bulk materials. It is an indis pensable part of cement industry, aluminium, lime and gypsum industry, coal-fired power stations, transport of bulk goods, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, powder coatings,etc.

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double facer belt發布自Huatao Wire Belt Factory 縮略圖

double facer belt

Products Features: Straight cut edge Level surface, clean mark Fasteners Cliper Steel High Tensile strenght Heat resistance Good moisture absorption Excellent air pemeability stability dimension Suitable for linear speed 200-260m/min Low noise and high speed of operation Long life time


High speed corrugator Belt

Applt speed:260m/min. Thickness:(9±0.3)mm Wideth:(1200-2900)mm Tension:60Mpa Heat-resistance:under200℃,accept short time pressure under150℃,accept long time pressure Weight per unit:(7±0.3)kg/m2 Min. winding radius:R70mm Air-permeability:1.95M3/M2

High speed corrugator Belt with kevlar發布自Huatao Wire Belt Factory 縮略圖

High speed corrugator Belt with kevlar

High speed corrugator Belt with kevlar edge is a consistent development bason on the high speed corrugator belt. It is ideal for corrugating systems with high production speed, even load systems and frequently changing paperboard widths. The belt's edge reinforcement of kevlar fibers reduce wear substantially and ensure a mor e long life time.

Traction belt發布自Huatao Wire Belt Factory 縮略圖

Traction belt

Specifications: Model:QYD/MDD Material:PET100% Thickness:(5.5±0.2)mm Wideth:(600-2000)mm Tension:40Mpa Heat-resistance:200℃ Coefficient of friction:≥0.35μ Weight per unit:(4±0.2)kg/m2 Min. winding radius:R20mm Air-permeability:1.95M3/M2

Needle Corrugator Belt發布自Huatao Wire Belt Factory 縮略圖

Needle Corrugator Belt

Material: PET100% PET100% Applt speed: 100-300m/min. 100-300m/min. Thickness: 9.3mm 9.3mm Wideth: 1400 -2380 mm 1400 -2380 mm Tension: 63Mpa 63Mpa Heat-resistance: 200 ℃ 230℃ Weft: 0.8%/180℃