Tree survey, Tree Risk Assessment, Tree Felling Application

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出自: HK ARBORISTS  2011/08/22
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HK ARBORISTS 樹藝達人 Email: [email protected] We are a group of experienced Certified Arborists (ISA) and Landscape Architects providing quality landscape consultancy services in Hong Kong. 我們是一班富經驗的國際樹木學會(ISA)認可之樹藝師(Certified Arborist) 和園境師,為香港大眾提供優質園林顧問服務. Landscape maintenance consultancy services 園林保養顧問服務 Landscape design 園林設計 Landscape Master Plan (including tree preservation plan). 園景設計總圖(包括樹木保育計劃) Old and Valuable Tree (OVT) monitoring and assessment 古樹監測及評估 Tree Felling Application 樹木砍伐或移植申請 Tree Risk Assessment 樹木風險評估 Tree Survey Report for Section 16/ Tree Felling Application Report Submission 規劃申請所須之Section 16 樹木普查報告 / 樹木移除申請報告 Tree works supervision & inspection 樹木工作監督和質量檢查 Tree Transplanting and Protection Consultancy Services 樹木移植和保護顧問服務 Soil Lab Test Report Analysis 泥土報告分析 Clients: Developer, real estate management company, landscape consultants, Owners' Corporation, construction company, engineering firm

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