Dental polisher

Dental polisher發布自Chaip Shing Manufactory Ltd.

出自: Chaip Shing Manufactory Ltd.  2010/03/27
關鍵字 dental polisher

 Dental polisher is an professional oral care product to give you self - help management to maintain healthy and good looking teeth.

The gentle rotating rubber cup will sweep in surface of teeth and along under the gum line.  The Dental polisher worked like an battery operated tooth stain eraser to remove plaque and polish your teeth.

Dental polisher provide high speed to remove stain over your teeth, use normal toothpaste can polish your teeth.  For better result, try our special toothpaste (D6800) that import from USA, special formula of special toothpaste that can remove touch stain from your teeth. 

Dental polisher has made by durable material, easy to take care and hard to break down.  An unique long polisher head with plastic handle that will reach inside teeth from your mouth. 

關鍵字 dental polisher

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