出自: Advanced Level Inspectorate Ltd.  2012/01/30
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Beyond the survey market's boxed-in discipline, our sharpened practices are robust. 

Zero-Error Control
is to monitor our respective involvements as early as in our initial telephone contact. Rigorous means of regulating are applied for checking the related different work-stations error-free, let alone our outright report of inspection free of contravention. 

Impact Damage Trail is followed closely, notwithstanding the intricacies, with a view to vividly justifying the rather claim-prone situation. 

Temporary Seal is necessitated merely for safeguarding our client's interest as a minimum security and tamper evidence, despite a sealing installation is not essential usually on completion of head-load or mid-load. 

Silver Nitrate Test is performed immediately on-site in order to cast light on the water content probably having given rise to a wetted situation, which may be indicative of a most likely cause of attack. 

Real-Time Broadcast is to verbally advise our client at various intervals during the inspection exercise so that the concerned issues may be expeditiously clarified and ironed out before our departure from the site. 

Updated Market Broadcast is to keep our clients abreast of the latest knowledge in the field, such as Packaging Directive, US Customs Border Protection, European Toy Safety Directive, etc.

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