Survey and inspection service

出自: Advanced Level Inspectorate Ltd.  2012/01/30
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Within the orbit of a shipment inspection, our client may entrust the task to us for the relevant involvements, which are usually attached to the following instances.

Damage & Loss

Factual findings on the cargo concerned are at times indispensable with a view to ascertaining the contents for accuracy, shortage, damage, or defects, as the case may be. Such findings of our investigation will lead on to our clear conclusions and succinct recommendations.

Loading Inspection

At the outset of the loading operation, the container specified for the export conveyance must be visually examined as to whether it is fit and safe for reception, carriage and preservation of the cargo concerned. On completion of loading, a designated seal is affixed to the container as a safeguard against unauthorized interference during the transit period. Where sealing is not necessarily required for head-load or mid-load, the immediate availability of our own temporary seal will serve as the neglected means of protection for the sake of our client. Not until has the load been properly stowed in the accepted container and secured to withstand the ordinary risks of handling and transport, we are not contemplating our performance of the required services as adequately fulfilled.

Unloading Inspection

The import container should be ascertained especially for any irregularities and client's acceptance should be sought before discharge. The findings on damage or loss in cargo should be explicit and conclusions correspondingly weighty without jeopardizing any associated claim.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

At intervals, the export goods may trigger a random inspection which will be conducted in context of the universally-adopted “Accepted Quality Level” against the reference specifications or samples provided. In general, our instant report enables timely rectifications before initiating a bulk production. Comparable to the progress report on circa 25% of the finished products, our last random inspection entails usually 80% of the export-packed consignment.

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