出自: Advanced Level Inspectorate Ltd.  2012/01/30
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Pitched at just the right impartial position, we issue our meticulously concise reports which underline our strict observance of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (London), Institute of International Container Lessors (New York), and International Chamber of Shipping (New York). Without allowing any exceptions dissolve into an impenetrable silence, our well-presented reports with step-by-step findings, coherent conclusions and succinct recommendations receive widespread acclaim globally in recognition of our professionalism and competence.



The inspection process normally entails an array of events seriatim.


Our custom-designed Application Form, which is easy-to-follow and time-effective, should be electronically transmitted to us together with the relevant non-negotiable copies of shipping documents one working day before the inspection date.

On receipt of the necessary information, the requisite inspection is carried out with our real-time findings communicated to the applicant before exit from the site.

Our Inspection Report is dispatched usually within 5 working days against the payment of charges as mutually agreed.

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