Modulator ATON™ DTV receiver

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關鍵字 as44cc373, AS44CC374, ASC373CAEF,

 Modulator Overview | Modulator | ATON™ DTV receiver | USB dongle | IP and Asic The AS44CC37x RF modulators can be programmed through a high speed I2C interface to support PAL, SECAM or NTSC standards. They are designed for use in Set-Top Boxes and similar devices. They are the latest generation of the legacy MC44BS37x family of devices from Freescale Semiconductor and are software compatible, providing straightforward transition for system upgrades. The AS44CC37x devices are offered in an industry-standard 16-pin SOIC RoHS-compliant package.  

關鍵字 as44cc373, AS44CC374, ASC373CAEF, ASC74T1, MC44BS373CAEF, MC44BS374, 机顶盒IC,

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