Needle felt&Mesh bags

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出自: MeshFiltration Group  2009/12/31
關鍵字 printing mesh, polyester mesh, nylon mesh

We can produce needle punched felt for filtration and relevant industrial application Dust collection series: Normal working temperature: polyester, polypropylene High working temperature: Nomex, P84 Other material: PPS, acrylic Liquid filtration series: Polyester and polypropylene in micron grade, from 1micron to 200 microns Finishing treatment: PTFE membrane, singed, calendering, water and oil repellent PE needle felt PE needle felt series with the non-woven fabrics, hot setting and other finishing technology have many advantages: excellent air perm. smooth surface, not easy to lose its shape, very easy to clean the dust. It is widely used in industrial dust cleaning and dust pollution control. Features Material: polyester Weight: 500g/m2 Thickness: 1.8mm Tensile strength (n/5 x 10cm): a) Warp: 1,000 b) Weft: 1,100 Tensile elongation: a) Warp: <35% b) Weft: <40% Permeability (10-3m3/m2.S): 150 - 350 Working temperature (℃): a) Continuance: 120 b) Instant: 150 Surface treatment: singeing, calendaring In addition to the above varieties, Shengxiang also manufactures FMS, NOMEX, P84 Acrylic needle felt as per customers’ request. Our needle felt products are both excellent in quality and reasonable in price. Welcome to contact us for products detail information.

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