LED Underwater Light

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出自: HiLumen LED Lighting Co., Ltd  2010/10/05
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Product Description

1)The shell of high power LED underwater spotlights is made by special material. 8mm shell thickness is shockproof and corrosion resistant.
2)Special vacuum waterproof design, no oxidation for components, they can be operated stably underwater for a long time
3)The lamp adopts incorporate design of heat dissipation. The heat conduction surface of light resource is integrated with the lamp shell perfectly, so it has high light transmitting and long life hours.
4)The reflector of the lamp is made by special technology. And it has good light reflection, high luminous LUX and soft light output.
5)Easy and convenient installation, different light resources are available, such as 10W, 18W and 30W etc.
6)Single color or full color are available. It can realize gradual color change, jumping change and color segment chasing etc through the using of DMX512.
7)Protection rating can reach IP68

關鍵字 LED, LED light, LIGHTING

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