LED Street Lamp

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出自: HiLumen LED Lighting Co., Ltd  2010/10/05
關鍵字 LED street light

LED Street Light, LED Street Lighting, LED Street Lamp, LED Road Light.
1. Top light source-LED from CREE
2. Patented packaging technology
3. Energy saving, environmentally friendly, long lifespan
4. Radiator made of Aluminium alloy which has the best heat conductivity
5. Applied with patented quadric optics non-imaging lens, luminaire efficiency over 90%
6. Powered at AC board voltage input with constant current drive
7. The lamp has been designed a respiratory system to ensure the dust resistance, water resistance and self cleaning ability
8. Aesthetic style
9. National-wide various invention patents

1. Highway
2. Roadway
3. Street

Power supply
1. Input voltage AC 100~277V, 50~60Hz
2. Output voltage DC 53V

1. Fixed with pole

HiLumen LED Street lamps adopt special quadric optical lens which cast the rays of every LED onto a rectangular area. The LED Lights and LED Street Lighting Lens was designed and calculated by professional software Rhino and imitation by Lighting curve and effects software, Adopting internationally top Non-image Optics system design concepts, the lens can focus all the light into the area you want to illuminate.

LED Street lamp's top light source-LED from CREE and Warrantee are 5 years.

關鍵字 LED street light

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