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出自: HiLumen LED Lighting Co., Ltd  2010/10/05
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LED WALL WASHER LIGHT .An exciting new range at Festive Lights with real impact is the LED Wall Washer series, creating a gentle mood, giving tranquil background lighting. It can also be used over a more narrow area for dramatic effect, especially when several are used together or to cover large areas with strong impact. HiLumen LED Wall Washers are mainly used for decoration and highlighting a building or the garden. Our range includes colour changing washers generating multi-colours, such as flashing, fading or static.It can work in independent mode and DMX mode, which can generate various color changing effects, such as flashing, fading, steady ,seven color jumping synchronously etc. DMX256 class gray degree dimmer,DMX programable(thousands of effects available if many lights connected together).

關鍵字 led wall washer

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